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Horse-riding Tour in China
( www.navo-tour.com )

  NAVO-H-SC-001-Amdo:Aba Horse-riding tour(17days,7-day horse riding tour)
Exclusive circuit of NAVO;
Duration: 17 days in total; 16 days and 15 nights in China;
7-day horse riding tour
Areas: Szechwan, Aba, Amdo Tibetan region
Highlights: Wolong Nature Panda Preserve Center;watchtowers in Sopo; Tibetan stockaded village in Jaju;Zengke monastery and its colorful pagodas group, Rangtang monastery, Bangtuo monastery, Gerdeng monastery, Charli monastery; stockaded village in Taoping

  NAVO-H-SC-002-Kham: Horse-riding in Mt. Genyen(19days,8-day horse riding tour)
Horse-riding in Mt. Genyen. The unique itinerary of NAVO Tour.
Duration: 19 days: 18days and 17 nights in China
8-day horse riding tour
Areas: Kham, Sichuan
Highlights: Kangding; Ker Temple in Litang; Garze Temple; Tagong Temple; Danba Tibetan village; The Panda Base of Chengdu. Etc.

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