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Code Id NAVO-O-Kham-001
Title Overland Travel in Kham(12 days)
Duration 12 days; 11 days and 10 nights in China
Areas Kham, Sichuan
Itinerary Chengdu/ Ya’ar/ Kangding/
Xinlong(Nyagrong) / Litang/ Garze/
Luhuo/ Dawu/Tagong/ Danba/ Wolong/
Season From April to November
Highlights Chengdu; Kangding; Litang; Ker Temple; Garze Temple; Tagong, Danba; The Nature Panda Preserve Center.
Introduction of the itinerary  
Itinerary day by day
01 Setting Off  
02 **/Chengdu Hotel
Arrive in Chengdu and then transfer to hotel. If time allows, visit the downtown city. Have hot-pot( the special food in Sichuan) for dinner.
03 Chengdu/Ya’an/ Kangding Hotel
Visit the early Market in Chengdu and then head for Kangding via Ya’an. Enjoy the scenery of the residence of west Sichuan.
04 Kangding/ Yajiang/ Litang Hotel
Cross the Mt.Zheduo. Pass the Xinduqiao. Enter into the Maoya plain after cross over the two mountains: Mt. Gao’ersi(4500) and Mt. Jianziwan. Visit the Ker Monastery.
05 Litang/ Xinlong Hotel
Walk around the Maoya Plain in the morning to have some experience of Nomad. Head for Xinlong in the afternoon and
06 Xinlong/ Gartse Hostel
Head for Gartse and visit the Bori Bridge in Anle on the way.
07 Gartse/ Dawu Hotel
Visit Gartse Monastery. Then head for Luhua, visit the temples and villages along the road. Visit the folk people‘s residence in Dawu.
08 Dawu/ Tagong Hotel
Visit Tagong Monastery via Bamei. Walk around the Plain in Tagong and then head for Buddhist num Temple and meetings there.
09 Tagong/ Danba Hotel
Visit Huiyuan Monastery and then head for Danba. Visit Suopo Defense tower.
10 Danba/ Rilong/ Wolong Hotel
Visit in the Jiaju Stockaded village of Zang Minority. Go to Wolong Nature Panda Preserve Center via Rilong Town and Mt. Balang.
11 Wolong/ Chengdu Hotel
Back to Chengdu and transfer to hotel. Guest’s free time. Dinner is own account.
12 Chengdu/ Exit  
Airport send off

Pax 2 3-5 6-9 Over 10
Extra for the single room        
The price includes
Mini bus ( We can provide 4x4 if guests require)
Hotels with 2 or 3 stars or the best local hotels or hostels.
Tour guide
We could arrange the guide according to the client’s language requirement. But for the French or German group, we could guarantee you the French or Germany speaking guide, only if there’re more than 8 people in your group.
All the entrance fees are included.

Oxygen tank; interphone, etc.

Individual preparation
Personal clothes; camera; sunglasses; suncream; topi; medicine for high attitude etc

The price doesn’t include
Domestic and international air tickets.

The price is not available for:
The Spring Festival;
The Labor’s day (May.01-07);
The National Celebration Day (Oct.01-07)

A: You can arrive Chengdu via Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Bangkok, etc.
B: You can leave Lhasa or Chengdu via Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kathmandu, etc.
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