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Code Id NAVO-O-XJ-021
Title Overland in Xinjiang (North-South)
P.S. The Exclusive itinerary of NAVO
Duration 18 days; 17 days and 16nights in China
Areas Xinjiang
Itinerary Urumqi / Sailimu (Sayram) Lake /
Karamay/Devil’s City ( Wuerhe) /
Jiadengyu/ Village Hemu/
Buerjin (Burchin) /Fuhai/ Wucaiwan/
Jimsar/Qitai/Mulei (Mori) /
Turpan/ Korla/Kuqa/ Aksu/Kashgar/
Season From May to September
Highlights Urho,Gurbantunggut Desert; Baihaba; Hemuhe; Mongolia minority; Kazakstan monority; The tribe of Tuwa minority; The tomb of Hami; Kumutage Desert; Ancient City of Gaochang; Ancient city of Jiaohe (Cross river city) Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Grottoes
Introduction of the itinerary  
Itinerary day by day
01 Setting Off  
02 ** /Urumiqi Hotel
Arrived in Urumqi. According to schedule visits. (NAVO’s service started from Urumqi Jieqiu. If you need, NAVO can help you to arrange the air transference from Beijing / Shanghai /Chengdu to Urumqi)
03 Urumqi / Sailimu (Sayram) Lake yurts
Drive to the Sailimu lake, and walk around the lake. Stay in the lakeside yurts on night.
04 Lac Sailimu/Karamay/Devil’s City ( Wuerhe) Hotel
Towards the north, pass the China's second largest Gurbantunggut Desert (Gurban Tunggut), a broad oil field. Wuerhe(The Devil’s city) walking tour, returned to the guesthouse after sunset.
05 Wuerhe/Buerjin(Burqin) /Village Jiadengyu Hotel
To the north, via the pasturing area of Kazakhstan and Mongolia, visit the stone man in the grassland. Have simple lunch or picnic.
06 Jiadengyu/ Village Hemu (Ride horse) Hostel
Day on horseback throughout the 33 KM. Early departure, along the river Hemu to Hemu village. Beautiful Scenery for photography. About 8H-horse riding. Have picnic for lunch.
07 Hemu/Buerjin (Burchin) Hotel
Back to Buerjin. Walk around the Wucaitan Park. Visit Kazakhstan and ethnic village houses. 4/5H walk. Return to the park before 18:00, shooting the colorful sunset beach
08 Buerjin / Fuhai Hotel
Head for the Fuhai direction. To visit Jili lake. And the Devil’s City on the sea.About 4 / 5 hour walking. Have picnic for lunch. And back to stay in Fuhai at night.
09 Fuhai / Wucaiwan Hotel
Head for Wucaiwan, on the road can be met Platts Broncos (Prezwalski) with good luck. Visitors walk to visit Wucaiwan, night stay in the hotel. If willing, the guest could go to the hot springs bubble bath. This may be the nearest hot springs from the desert.
10 Wucaiwan/Jimsar/Qitai Hotel
Visit in the Old City of the North and the West Monastery. Visit silicide stone valley. Stay overnight in Qitai.
11 Qitai/Bori/Balikun (Barkol) Hotel
Pass the Balikun grasslands, along the way and meet herd folk. Balikun lakeside walk.
12 Balikun/Hami/Shanshan ( Piqan) /Turpan Hotel
Visit the Tomb of the Hami King, the Maza Villiage of Tuyu Valley, which is the oldest Uygur ethnic villiage in Xinjiang. Arriving Turpan.
13 Turpan/Korla Hotel
Ancient city of Jiaohe (Cross river city). Sugong Tower (for Minda). To Korla.
14 Korla/Kuqa Hotel
Visit Kuqa : Temple Subash, Mosque Kuqa and the old district.
15 MKuqa/Aksu Hotel
Visit Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Grottoes and head for Aksu at night.
16 Aksu/Kashgar Hotel
Head for Kashgar and visit the local market.
17 Kashgar/Urumqi Hotel
Kashgar : Mosquee Idkar, Abakh Hodja Tomb, etc...
Fly to Urumqi at night.
18 Urumqi/Exit
Transfer to airport. And NAVO’s service ends.

Pax 2 3-5 6-9 Over 10
Extra for the single room        
The price includes
Mini bus
Plane: Kashgar/Urumqi
Sailimu (Sayram) Lake: yurts
Hotels with 2 or 3 stars or the best local hotels or hostels.
Tour guide
We could arrange the guide according to the client’s language requirement. But for the French or German group, we could guarantee you the French or Germany speaking guide, only if there’re more than 10 people in your group.
All the entrance fees are included.

Individual preparation
Personal clothes; camera; sunglasses; crutch; suncream; topi; etc

The price doesn’t include
International air tickets.

The price is not available for:
The National Celebration Day (Oct.01-07)

A: NAVO organizations from the beginning of 1998 to explore the depth of Xinjiang Tourism.
B: In September 2007. NAVO do the recce for the first time in the northern Xinjiang area.
C: N NAVO’s service started from Urumqi Jieqiu. If you need, NAVO can help you to arrange the air transference from Beijing / Shanghai /Chengdu to Urumqi.
D: In the itinerary, there is two days’ visit in the Kanas region, but there is no arrangement for the Kanas Lake. According to our judgment, the lake now has a lot of tourists have been unsuitable for the needs of European and American visitors. If you are to travel to Kanas Lake, please contact us, we will extend one day to visit the Kanas Lake.
E: Due to climate reasons, the trip is only applicable to the period from May to September. Please contact us for more details of tourism.
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